First stop: Bielsko-Biała

From “Břeclav” I got directly to “Czechowice-Dziedzice” (Poland), and don´t ask me how to pronounce it. There was my last train exchange for local train heading to my destination. The reason to go there was simple, one of my Erasmus friends – Agata – is living there.

Partially satisfied by the fact, that I have caught the train in “Břeclav” I was patiently waiting on platform. Necessary to say – The wrong one. When I have realized that my train was already approaching the station I slowly took all my stuff and started to move there. But when I saw the conductor already closing the door – I started to run. When she so a guy with huge backpack and something that looked like a “bicycle”, she hold the door for me and let me in.

“Bielsko-Biała” isn’t that kind of typical tourist destination. It has meant that I didn’t know what to do there. Old town was suggested to me and luckily it wasn’t far. It took about an hour do visit it all. The main attractions there are the main Church of Saint Nicolas and main square (Rynek) with a fountain.

I have spent the rest of afternoon in “Jednorożek” and also in “Szpilka“. But both places I would rate mediocre.

On the other hand the evening program was really interesting. After Agata had finished her job, we stopped by at her home, I got introduced to Kamil, her boyfriend, and right after we went to the forest. Both of them are passionate beekeepers and we had to go to check their hives. This was an extraordinary experience for me. Open the hive, check the honeycombs, see the queen and worker bees.

Could not imagine more interesting first day of my trip. Dinner was served at “Jaworowe Zacisze” and it wasn’t typical polish since it was Pizza accompanied by wheat beer. The place is great but little bit outside of the city. Therefore it is easier to get there by car.

In the morning I had already planned the departure to Oswecim, but before I left the city had to see the monuments of Bolek and Lolek, and also (not so famous in Czech) Rexik. Their stories I used to watch on TV when I was a kid. They are located here just because the polish movie studios where located here…

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