Just not to miss the train!

It is incredible how I had planned this trip for 5 years and first flaw in my plan appeared approx. 30 min after I started it.

2nd July in the morning I had a quick breakfast. Around 7:20 I had to already leave to catch my train at train station “Židenice”. First direction was “Břeclav”. Why? Because it is the fastest way to Poland (even if you go 60 kilometers in the opposite direction).

Given that Brno is under biggest road reconstruction since several year I have expected public transportation delay. But there wasn’t any. Therefore I was more surprised by the information that train, I was supposed to take, had 20 minutes delay – #ceskedrahy. It wouldn’t bother me that much if I didn’t have just 15 minutes in “Břeclav” to catch my connection.

It took me about 5 minutes to find a simple solution. On the information board there was also listed an delayed train of Regiojet that was currently approaching the station and I have realized that I should be able to catch my connection in “Břeclav”. Just brief question at steward confirmed that there were free seats in the train so I happily got in. Quick stop at “Brno Dolní Nádraží” and without further delay I was heading to “Břeclav”.

There we arrived 10 minutes in advance and my expectation got confirmed. When I was already leaving “Břeclav” my former train still hadn’t arrived.

What are the lessons learnt? No matter how good do you plan, there will always be some issues and there is no issue that couldn’t be solved.

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