How the trip around the world was born!

It has been approximately 5 years ago, when this idea was born. Me and my friend Míša, we were discussing the most important things in our lives. It forced me to ponder and create a list of the achievements I would like to reach. Besides the foreign languages, where the targeted 4 were really underestimated, I have found out that if I would like to see the world I should not dither. Getting older might bring obligations – positive ones (wife and kids) but also negative ones (illnesses) – that might hold me back. Quoting myself: “Rather than as 50 year old man lament about, that I would like to travel around the world, I prefer to take the album full of pictures and remind myself all the places I have visited and all the stories I have experienced almost 20 years ago.”

5 years is gone

Through 5 years I have changed two jobs, saved decent amount of money and created a plan for all the expected task, that needed to be solved. Those who know me for some time already know, that I´m not much spontaneous. I couldn’t pack my stuff and the next day start the trip. Therefore I have started to prepare everything that I could think of. What exactly? It was a lot of minor tasks.

  • Vaccinations;
  • Equipment;
  • Foreign languages;
  • Finance;
  • Documents;
  • Insurance;
  • Work;
  • and other small things such as visit cards, blog, Instagram …

All these bullet points are bit comprehensive and therefore I will describe them in separate articles.

General tip I can give right away is a great book TravelBible written by Matouš Vinš and Petr Novák. You can find there vast amount of suggestions and tips for cheap and comfortable travelling. I got inspired as well. Did you know, that there are websites, where you can find a job as a yacht crew member and sail the ocean? Neither did I – but exactly this I plan to try!

And now comes the boring part, just because I was working for 5 years to fulfill my dream. It means that I went to job, have visited the language classes, and from time to time got a shot of vaccination with some contagious disease. On the top of that I have been talking about my trip around the world in front of everyone I have met. I don’t wonder that I wasn’t invited to parties when I spoke about it all the time.

Last month

And then I has happened. After five long years it was finally here. I have quit my job, started to move out from my apartment – so that it looked like this, and I tried to finish all the tasks on my list – such as reading the travel magazines to get the last pieces of inspiration.

But everything wasn’t easy. I have my family, friends and hobbies in Brno. From this point of view the last two weeks were the toughest. I knew, that I have to get out of my comfort zone, which was by the end the hardest thing to do. Right now – 10th. day on my trip – I consider it as the key decision of my life.

Day D – Operation “Overlord”. 2. 7.2019 – it was the day of my departure. In the morning I took my backpack and, of course, my unicycle. I took a bus to the train station and then a train in the direction of Bielsko-Biala (Poland), where I was supposed to meet my Erasmus friend – Agata. For the next part – how did I help them with beekeeping – you will have to wait for the next article.

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