Have you been at Alchemist’s before?

Did you ever received a perfume as a gift from your aunt or sibling? And did it appeal to your taste? I don’t want to discuss inappropriate gifts (maybe next time), but I would like to present you an option, that won’t make anyone disappointed. If you have never heard of him, today I would like to introduce you the Brno’s Alchemist.

Coincidental discovery

His name is Hassan Šejk and his small shop is located directly in Brno city center. I discovered him by pure coincidence during the browsing the iDnes. I got impressed by his statement: “Use the same perfume whole day is like a eat goulash three times a day!”, It made me curious and therefore I have visited his shop in November 2017 and several more times since then.

Ritual experience

I was looking forward for to my first visit, because I gave it as a birthday present to myself and I was really curious.

When you enter the Alchemist’s shop you realize, that is kind of small, just two small rooms, but it is more than enough. As usual I arrived there on my unicycle, therefore I had to search for a place to park which wasn’t easy. Drinking a cup of coffee with Hassan we discussed my lifestyle, work and hobbies so that he had a chance to get to know me better.

We started to test the ingredient samples. My intention was to get a fresh perfume with a touch of spice, that I would be able to use in various occasions (such as work or theater visit). From the tested samples I liked the – bergamot, clove, orange – that were afterwards used to create my perfume.

So, the ingredients were chosen and we got to the part of mixing them together. Only when you go through this part you will understand why the designation “alchemist” is so accurate. Hassan takes all the essences and mixes them into the alcoholic solution. Best part of this is that you can try it on your own under his supervision (@UniTravelercz).

After all ingredients were well mixed you finally go to test your newly created perfume. That´s the first time you can smell your uniquely created fragrance. I have to admit that Hassan is an expert in his field. He can assess one´s personality and use this knowledge to perfectly adjust final product to its customers taste.

To make the perfume even more personalized I had to set a specific number to it so that I was able to distinguish it from the others. 

Why it was ritual? Well just because it all somehow perfectly fits together. Each step follows the previous one, everything is causal, playful and you are leaving the shop with the feeling that no more than 5 minutes have passed by. It’s not possible to describe it authentically, it is much easier to experience it on your own!

Some personal tips

Even if this sounds like a pure women experience, I personally think that also men should give it a try. You will surprised by the 30 minutes experience and in the end also of your own personalized perfume with unique smell to charm your girlfriends.

Currently Hassan organizes also weekend workshops, where he mainly focuses on preparation of additional essences that might be used in your home or car, so that they smell as good as you wish them to do. He also teaches basic of alchemy so that after the workshop you are bringing home all that you need (including flacons and several ingredients) to prepare your own perfumes.

Special suggestion for Brno visitors

If you stay in Brno for few days or even several months and you still don’t know, what souvenir to bring back with you, visit this magic place and let alchemist create a special perfume just for you. Every time you will use it after your arrival back home, you will be reminded of your best memories of Brno. And don’t worry it is just 50ml of perfume so you will be allowed to enter any airplane with it.