MANA – food for thought

Well I’m not talking about the attribute of all mages, that allows them in all computer games to cast their spells. In today’s article I’m more focused on the “Czech made” alternative food.

I got so impressed by this product so that I have change my food habits and took it as a part of my nutrition. I won´t  enumerate here all the MANA´s ingredients, that´s what do you have Google for! It will be much more interesting to tell you, why did I get so into MANA, my reasons to eat it and partially substitute regular food, or to mention where I have already been with MANA. You can consider this food for thought and decide whether you could make use of it in your own life.

Busy lifestyle

So that you could name the main reason why did I get interested in MANA in a first place. As a part of my job I have to take regular business trips to our company´s clients and aside of my job I have also an active lifestyle so that sometimes I have caught myself that I substitute quality food for a street “junk” food. Secondly I love to travel and I was searching for a backup food. It doesn´t mean that I wouldn´t enjoy local food on my trips, I really do, but I love to travel via alternative means (e.g. hitchhiking or long tours through nature / national parks), therefore I sometimes end up on a place, where it´s not easy to get anything to eat.

I did my own market research and from these variants – dehydrated food, protein bars and MANA – I have chosen MANA, which overcomes the competition thanks to the great weight to nutrition value ratio, easy preparation, costs and 6 other reasons that follow.

My 9 reasons to choose MANA


1,4-1,5 euros per one portion is in the comparison with the alternatives as well as the regular food really low price.


Previously was MANA distributed as powder with combination of specific oil but in current version MANA Mark v5 it is only a powder which is possible to pack into carry-on luggage. For one regular portion you will only need 86g of powder.


MANA powder is mixed with water but important difference to dehydrated food is that you only need cold water which makes the preparation much easier while travelling.

Nutrition balance

MANA is according to documented studies nutritionally balanced food.


MANA is Vegan! It´s 100% plant based structure will be favored by all vegans and vegetarians, that is an advantage to comparable foreign products.

Banishes hunger cravings

Even I couldn´t believe it in the beginning that a liquid food based on water could banish hunger but it really does. The consistency is close to porridge. Due to the fact that MANA is easily digestible I feel hungry after 2-3 hours which is significantly less than after regular meal.

Neutral taste

Without any additional ingredients MANA tastes like oatflakes, if you don´t like porridge then you probably won´t like MANA either. To enhance its taste you could also prepare MANA in blender and add extra fruits (e.g. berries, bananas…). This way you have variety of tastes available.

Broad distribution

All foreigners will be pleased that MANA is distributed around the EU, Switzerland and Norway.

Low carbon footprint

Manufacturer besides other things takes into account waste production within their factory. With the last MANA Mark v5 they have made all boxes and packs significantly smaller which will be appreciated by all those who care about their carbon footprint.

Where did I eat MANA

  • I take it regularly on business trips to Prague because I don´t like to search for a good restaurants there.
  • During weekends I like to take it with me when I go to work in our garden, especially when I don´t wanna cook there.
  • I had a pack of MANA during vacation in Bavaria and Austria, as a backup snack.
  • Right now I´m packing it into my luggage on a trip to Canary Islands for the same reason.
  • I believe that in a future MANA will travel the world with me.


I don´t want to state here that this is a future of nutrition or that I would be willing to substitute regular food for this. More often I hear my friends and colleagues to say that they have to skip a dish during their busy day, but I don´t think it´s really necessary and found a way around it. I have just presented you an alternative, that is cheap, easy to prepare, vegan… So now it is just up to you, whether you would like to try something new.


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