Let’s get it started!

Hi everyone,

even if you were invited to visit my blog or you just randomly came in I would like to welcome you in here! It has been approximately three months that I have been playing around the idea of creating a blog. From the beginning I struggled a bit about the topics I could write about but after short contemplating I found out traveling, technology gadgets, my home town “Brno” and other inspirational videos and other interesting incentives as a great content to share.

Goal of my blog is to open the way to a new world for everyone. I can’t tell that I know everything or that I’m doing everything the right way but I regularly come across various interesting topics that I would like to share. In the end it is up to you whether you will accept the presented ideas and whether you will try to incorporate them into your lifestyle.

I will be writing this blog in English and Czech where most of the articles will be bilingual and only some will be focused on local / foreign audience.

I will also be active on social networks – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and if I decide to share some videos, it will be done via private YouTube channel so that you won’t miss any content.

The articles will be published irregularly based on my availabilities, mood and other factors.

I hope that you will like to read my articles as much as I will like to write them and you will apply the presented thoughts within your traveling or any other activity.

Now you can be already looking forward to my first article that will be published SOON!

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